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UGDSB - Occasional Teachers

President - Christine Kerr

Bargaining Unit Resources

Occasional Teacher Collective Agreement (C.A.)

Most aspects of our employment in the Upper Grand District School Board are governed by the following documents, in addition to various pieces of federal and provincial legislation and local school board policies.


The Collective Agreement presently has two primary sections:

  • Part A - centrally negotiated by Provincial Office
  • Part B - locally negotiated by your OTBU Negotiating Team


We also have locally-negotiated Letters of Agreement, Letters of Understanding, and a Local Memorandum of Settlement. These documents “live” locally but outside of Part B of the Collective Agreement.

Please consider reading and becoming familiar with the collective agreement. We do not have permanent site-reps in our schools and alternate work sites. The permanent teacher site-reps are not versed in our collective agreement. Please call me or email me directly for assistance, information, and/or advice.

Contact Information

Christine Kerr

Occasional Teachers' Bargaining Unit President, Chief Negotiator, and Grievance Officer


Mobile: 905-703-5991