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Provincial Office Update for Occasional Teachers and others for June 2011

Provincial Office Update for Occasional Teachers and others for June 2011


June 14, 2011

Employment Insurance -

Teaching Related Occupations

From: Ken Coran, President

For Immediate Action

Recognizing that some of our members employed on a ten month basis will be applying for Employment Insurance benefits at the end of June, the following instructions are being sent out as a reminder in an attempt to limit E.I. denials and to process E.I. appeals in a timely manner. There have been no recent changes to the Employment Insurance legislation. However, the first question in the teaching information has been reworded. When a member registers for Employment Insurance (E.I.) Benefits and identifies their occupation, the application process will take them to the "Teaching Questionnaire". The first question asked in this section is:

For all other occupations,

If the response to the first question is Yes, the remainder of the Teaching Questionnaire must be completed. Completing this portion requires that specifics of their assignment be provided. The

Have you taught any part of the school curriculum at any of the following levels in the last 2 years? Early Childhood Educators (ECE) and Educational Assistants (EA) are encouraged to answer No to the above question, since they have not actually taught but have worked in this environment along with a teacher. Answering No to this question on the application will automatically take them out of the Teaching Questionnaire. It will then allow them to complete the registration process as a regular non-teaching registrant and the application for benefits will be processed as a regular registrant. D/BU #139/2010-2011 — June 14, 2011 Page 2

specifics should include that they are not a contract teacher, not salaried, and that they are paid hourly for hours worked and are on layoff due to shortage of work. Providing detailed information should avoid delays in processing their claim for benefits.

Regardless of communication received from Service Canada, members are advised to take the following steps:

• apply for benefits at the time they experience a layoff,

• file an appeal within 30 days if they have received notification of denial of benefits,

• the appeal should identify that they are members of OSSTF, and that they will be represented at the appeal hearing by their OSSTF representative, Ana Misiti, Executive Assistant, OSSTF 60 Mobile Drive Toronto (1-800-267-7867).

• the appeal should clearly indicate their employment status [e.g. that they are not a contract teacher, not salaried but hourly paid support staff on layoff due to shortage of work.]

Members should be made aware that the appeal process is an informal process. Once they have submitted their appeal letter to Service Canada, an OSSTF Staff member will be assigned and will represent them at the appeal hearing. The member will continue to receive OSSTF support throughout the process. Bargaining Unit Presidents are directed to share this communication with all their members no later than Thursday, June 30, 2011.